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For this advanced course, six highly relevant and related topics have been selected:

  1. Amyloid structures: Recent structural analysis suggests a molecular basis for amyloid polymorphism and alternative concepts for amyloid formation 
  2. Chaperones in amyloid formation: Molecular chaperones are an important cellular target to control pathogenic amyloid formation and possibly amyloid clearance  
  3. Membrane-less organelles: Membrane-less compartments in cells (LLPS) may promote protein fibrilization in neurodegenerative and related diseases 
  4. Lipids and membranes in amyloid formation: Lipids/lipid membranes provide a hydrophobic surface which can catalyze the formation of amyloid(like) structures.  
  5. Functional amyloids: Functional amyloids reinforce the emerging concept that the amyloid fold is capable of carrying out a diversity of (biological) functions&nbsp
  6. Pathology of amyloids: Amyloids are observed in neurodegenerative and age-related diseases. The molecular basis for toxicity of amyloids is poorly understood 

Schedule (Speakers and Sessions) 




Friday August 21

Arrival & Welcome 

Saturday August 22 

Amyloid Structures 

Simon Alberti 

Assaf Friedler 

Sebastian Hiller 

Meytal Landau (Technology)

Poster session A 


Keynote Evening lecture: 

 Sjors Scheres 

Sunday August 23 


Helen Sibil 

Stefan Rudiger 

Patricija van Oosten 

Sjors Scheres (Technology)

Poster session A 


Keynote Evening lecture:  

Rick Morimoto

Monday August 24 

Membrane-less organelles 

Helen Sibil 

Minika Fuxreiter 

Simon Alberti 

Assaf Friedler (Technology)  

Excursion with

‘meet-the-Expert session’

on the beach 


Tuesday August 25 

Lipids and Membranes 

Céline Galvagnion 

Zoya Leonenko 

Bernd Helms 

Joost Schymkowitz (Technology)  

Poster session B 


Keynote Evening lecture:  

Sara Linse  

Wednesday August 26 

Functional amyloids 

Patricija van Oosten 

Daniel Otzen 

Monika Fuxreiter 

Aline Miller (Technology)  

Poster session B 


Keynote Evening lecture:  

Bernd Bakau 


Thursday August 27 

Pathology of amyloids 

Frederic Rousseau  

Meytal Landau 

Daniel Otzen 

Céline Galvagnion (Technology)

Student short talks 

Conference dinner 


Friday August 28  


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